The princess cut lab diamond which is one of the fancy cut diamonds, is characterized by a square appearance with 57 or 58 facets. Legend has it that when his beloved daughter got married, the king of belgium specially created a unique and mysterious square diamond for the princess, with all four corners representing love, and the flickering light symbolizing the flame of happiness, which is the "princess cut lab diamond" prevalent in continental europe. 

Princess lab diamond have high brilliance, which means they reflect a lot of white light, or "glitter." due to the rough cut, the princess cut has the brightest brilliance of all lab diamond shapes. The simple and steady appearance of the lab grown princess cut diamond represents the temperament of simplicity and generosity. It uses straight lines to display charm and connotation, which naturally matches the open-minded and calm masculinity; when worn by women, it creates a sense of harmony between the strong and the soft, and highlights the self-confidence and open-mindedness of modern women which is a popular choice for engagement rings.

Messi Jewelry shows the brilliance and authenticity of our lab grown diamonds princess cut through pictures of the real thing and videos taken from multiple angles, while equipped with international igi or gia certificates. In addition to the size of princess lab diamonds, we also have colors to choose from, blue, pink, yellow, etc. You can contact us to customize for you. If you are interested in this, come and talk to us.


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