How Do Various Cuts and Colors Impact Fancy Lab Diamond Selections?


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When it comes to selecting a fancy lab diamond, one of the most important factors to consider is the cut and color. These two aspects play a significant role in the overall appearance and brilliance of the diamond. A well-cut and well-colored diamond can truly elevate your jewelry, making it stand out and leave a lasting impression. In this article, we will explore how different cuts and colors can impact your fancy lab diamond selections, helping you make an informed decision when choosing your perfect diamond.

The Influence of Cut on Fancy Lab Diamond Selections

The cut of a diamond refers to its proportions and how well it has been faceted. It has a significant impact on the diamond's brilliance and sparkle. Different cut styles can dramatically change the way light interacts with the diamond, resulting in varying levels of brilliance, fire, and scintillation. Let's delve into some of the popular diamond cuts and their impact on fancy lab diamond selections:

1. Round Cut:

The round cut is the most popular and widely recognized diamond shape. It is renowned for its exceptional sparkle and brilliance. The round cut maximizes light return and offers excellent fire and scintillation. Due to its popularity, round-cut fancy lab diamonds are readily available in various color options, making it easier for you to find the perfect diamond for your jewelry.

2. Princess Cut:

The princess cut is a square or rectangular-shaped diamond with pointed corners. It is the second most popular diamond cut, known for its modern and elegant look. Princess-cut fancy lab diamonds exhibit excellent brilliance, and their distinct shape adds a touch of uniqueness to any piece of jewelry. With different color variations available, you can choose a princess-cut diamond that suits your preference and style.

3. Emerald Cut:

The emerald cut is a step-cut diamond known for its elongated, rectangular shape and a large table. It showcases long, straight facets that create a hall-of-mirrors effect. While the emerald cut does not provide as much brilliance and sparkle as the round or princess cut, it offers a sophisticated and vintage allure. When it comes to color, the emerald cut tends to highlight the tone and hue of the diamond more prominently, making it an ideal choice for those who prioritize color intensity.

4. Asscher Cut:

Similar to the emerald cut, the asscher cut is also a step-cut diamond with a square shape. However, it has more brilliant-cut facets, giving it a more brilliant appearance. Asscher-cut fancy lab diamonds boast exceptional clarity due to their step-cut style, and their geometric symmetry is visually striking. With its unique blend of vintage and contemporary appeal, an asscher-cut diamond can be a stunning choice for those seeking a distinctive and eye-catching diamond.

5. Radiant Cut:

The radiant cut is a rectangular or square-shaped diamond that combines the elegance of an emerald cut with the brilliance and sparkle of a round cut. It features cropped corners and brilliant-cut facets, resulting in a diamond that offers both brilliant sparkle and exceptional color reflection. Radiant-cut fancy lab diamonds are an excellent choice for those who want a balance of fire, scintillation, and color intensity.

The Impact of Color on Fancy Lab Diamond Selections

The color of a diamond refers to its presence or absence of color. Fancy lab diamonds come in a wide range of colors, from colorless to rare fancy colors such as blue, yellow, or pink. The color of a diamond can significantly affect its beauty and value. Let's explore how different colors impact fancy lab diamond selections:

1. Colorless Diamonds:

Colorless diamonds are highly valued and sought after for their exceptional transparency and lack of noticeable color. These diamonds, graded as D, E, and F on the color scale, allow maximum light to pass through, resulting in incredible brilliance and sparkle. Colorless fancy lab diamonds are a classic choice, perfect for those who prefer a timeless and elegant look.

2. Near-Colorless Diamonds:

Near-colorless diamonds fall in the G to J range on the color scale. They have a slightly detectable amount of color, but it is often difficult to notice unless compared directly with higher color grades. Near-colorless fancy lab diamonds offer an excellent balance between quality and value, making them a popular choice for those seeking a stunning diamond within a more affordable range.

3. Fancy Color Diamonds:

Fancy color diamonds are rare and highly prized for their unique and vibrant hues. These diamonds occur naturally in a range of colors such as blue, yellow, pink, green, and more. Fancy color fancy lab diamonds are created through a combination of science and technology, offering a wide range of brilliant and intense colors. When choosing a fancy color diamond, it is essential to consider personal preference and the desired impact of the color on your jewelry.

4. Matching the Color with Style:

When selecting a fancy lab diamond, it is crucial to consider how the color interacts with the overall style and design of your jewelry. Some colors may complement certain metals or gemstones better than others. For instance, a pink diamond might beautifully enhance a rose gold setting, while a blue diamond can create a stunning contrast with platinum or white gold. By carefully analyzing the color and the surrounding elements, you can create a harmonious and visually appealing piece of jewelry.


In conclusion, the cut and color of a fancy lab diamond play significant roles in determining its overall appearance and desirability. The cut affects the diamond's brilliance, sparkle, and fire, with different cuts offering distinct styles and levels of brilliance. The color of a diamond can range from colorless to fancy colors, each contributing to its unique beauty. By considering the impact of various cuts and colors, you can make an informed decision when selecting the perfect fancy lab diamond for your jewelry. Remember to choose a combination of cut and color that suits your style, preference, and desired visual impact, resulting in a piece of jewelry that truly stands out.


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