Are Fancy Shape Lab Diamonds a Versatile Option for Custom Jewelry Designs?



When it comes to custom jewelry designs, one of the most essential aspects is the choice of gemstones. While natural diamonds have always been a popular choice, lab-grown diamonds have gained significant attention in recent years. These synthetic diamonds are created in laboratories and share the same chemical and physical properties as their natural counterparts. Typically, round brilliant diamonds have been the go-to choice for custom jewelry; however, fancy shape lab diamonds have entered the scene as a versatile option. With their unique shapes and exceptional brilliance, fancy shape lab diamonds offer a range of possibilities for creating personalized and stunning pieces. In this article, we will explore the versatility of fancy shape lab diamonds and how they can elevate custom jewelry designs.

The Beauty of Fancy Shape Lab Diamonds

Fancy shape lab diamonds encompass a wide range of non-round diamond cuts, including princess, emerald, pear, oval, marquise, heart, and radiant cuts, among others. These diamonds are expertly cut and faceted to display their brilliance and unique shapes. Each fancy shape brings its own charm and character to the piece of jewelry, allowing for endless creative opportunities. Unlike round diamonds, which are known for their symmetrical shape, fancy shape lab diamonds offer a sense of individuality and distinction that captivates the eye.

The Versatility of Custom Designs with Fancy Shape Lab Diamonds

1. The Princess Cut: A Modern and Chic Choice

The princess cut is a popular fancy shape for lab diamonds due to its contemporary appeal. With its square shape and pointed corners, this cut provides a sleek and modern appearance. Princess cut lab diamonds can be incorporated into various jewelry designs, such as engagement rings, pendants, and earrings. Their versatility allows them to be set in different metal alloys, such as platinum, white gold, or rose gold, to create a distinct and personalized piece of jewelry.

2. The Oval Cut: A Classic Elegance

Oval cut lab diamonds are renowned for their timeless beauty and elongated shape. They offer a balanced blend of brilliance and uniqueness, making them an excellent choice for custom jewelry designs. Whether used as the centerpiece of an engagement ring or as side stones in a necklace, the oval cut lab diamonds exude sophistication and elegance. The versatility of this shape allows for creativity in setting styles, including solitaire, halo, or even a vintage-inspired design.

3. The Emerald Cut: A Statement of Glamour

The emerald cut is a step-cut shape that showcases elongated rectangular facets and clean lines. This cut emphasizes the diamond's clarity rather than its brilliance, creating a captivating and glamorous look. Often seen in vintage-inspired jewelry, emerald cut lab diamonds make a bold statement as the centerpiece of an engagement ring or as a distinctive pendant. Their unique shape and long lines create an illusion of elongated fingers, making them a popular choice among those seeking an ethereal and stylish design.

4. The Pear Cut: A Blend of Elegance and Playfulness

Pear cut lab diamonds, also known as teardrop diamonds, combine the round and marquise shape into a single cut. The result is a stunning diamond that is both elegant and playful. These diamonds can be used to create beautiful pendants, earrings, or even unique engagement rings. The teardrop shape allows for various design possibilities, including asymmetrical designs or using the pear cut as a side stone to enhance the overall aesthetic.

5. The Marquise Cut: A Regal and Graceful Choice

The marquise cut is a distinctive shape characterized by a long, narrow oval with pointed ends. This cut gives the illusion of larger size due to its elongated shape, making it a popular choice for those seeking a regal and glamorous piece of jewelry. Marquise cut lab diamonds can be set in solitaire rings, cluster cocktail rings, or even in stunning vintage-inspired designs. Their elongated shape accentuates the fingers, making them particularly flattering when worn.


Fancy shape lab diamonds are undoubtedly a versatile option for custom jewelry designs. From the sleek and modern princess cut to the regal and glamorous marquise cut, each fancy shape brings its own allure and uniqueness to the piece of jewelry. The ability to choose from a variety of shapes allows for unlimited creativity and personalization in the design process. Whether you prefer a classic, elegant piece or a bold, statement-making design, fancy shape lab diamonds offer endless possibilities to captivate and enchant. By opting for these lab-grown gems, you not only get the beauty and brilliance of natural diamonds but also contribute to a more sustainable and ethical jewelry industry. With their versatility and stunning beauty, it's no wonder that fancy shape lab diamonds are becoming an increasingly popular choice for those seeking custom-made jewelry that stands apart from the crowd.


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