Why Choose Lab Grown Cushion Cut Diamond?

Cushion cuts are the most beautiful cuts in diamonds, be they natural mined or lab grown diamonds. Where cushion-modified cut gives a crushed ice appearance, the true cushion brilliants are rare with bright flashes of light, and the cushion hybrid cut features crisp, clear faceting. All of these options unveil a picturesque diamond shape, luring diamond lovers. However, if you are still confused about why you should get a lab grown cushion cut diamond, we have covered you in this ultimate guide.

 lab grown cushion cut diamond ring

Hop inside to explore everything about these diamonds, eventually making an informed purchase decision. So, what are you waiting for?

What to Know About Cushion Cut Lab Grown Diamond?

Before delving deeper, let’s first explore what a cushion cut lab diamond is. A cushion cut diamond is a hybrid of an old mine facet pattern lab grown diamond cut and a modern round brilliant cut pattern lab grown diamond. These diamonds typically have curved edges with a square or rectangular shape. In simple words, it’s a combination of square cut with rounded corners, resulting in a shape similar to cushions. Now you know the origin of their name.

Lab created cushion cut diamonds are reasonably priced compared to the round brilliant lab grown diamonds.

7 Compelling Reasons for Choosing Lab Grown Cushion Cut Diamond

Wondering why you choose lab grown cushion diamonds over the multiple other options available? Here are the seven compelling reasons why these diamonds are an enticing choice:


Lab grown diamonds tend to be much more affordable than the natural alternatives. While some say they reduce the purchase cost by 70%, others have even claimed the reduction to be 90%. Meaning you will be able to purchase a large-sized cushion cut lab grown diamond with finer quality than if you were buying a natural diamond engagement ring. The more money you save, the more you will be able to save for other important things.

Ease of Customization

Lab grown cushion cuts are like a blank canvas for craftsmen. They can make unique designs featuring these diamonds, offering an escape from those traditional round or square diamond shapes. Aside from this, you can also customize these diamonds the way you like. Either change their color or tweak clarity to make them fall within your budget.

 Lab created cushion cut diamonds necklace

Pair them with metals, like gold and platinum, in rings, or just make a pendant out of them with cushion cut at a central position, all surrounded by fine-cut small stones. These stones can either be diamonds or some other metals, depending on your budget.

Quality Management

If you have ever purchased large natural cushion cut diamonds, you would know how hard it is to find ones with excellent color grades and clarity. Well, imagine you found one by luck, its price would be too high. But that's not the case with cushion cut lab diamonds. With the advancement in lab technologies, you can now get high-standard cushion cut diamonds with your desired specifications at reasonable pricing.

The best part about them is that they will be physically and chemically identical to natural cushion-cut diamonds. All thanks to the quality control measures that enable customers to choose lab grown diamonds that rival the charm of their natural alternatives.

Ethical and Sustainable Choice

Natural diamonds are often linked with conflicts and unsustainability concerns. Have you heard of blood diamonds? The term indicates that the diamonds might have been sold or mined in the regions facing hardships, resulting in the usage of funds for nefarious purposes. However, that’s not the case with lab grown cushion diamonds. These are ethical and sustainable bets for forward-thinking couples. Their manufacture doesn’t involve that much environmental resources, so why not reduce the impact on Earth with reduced diamond mining?

Innovative Jewels

Round, square, and drop cuts are typical diamond cuts used traditionally in jewels. On the other hand, the cushion cut is more like an innovative diamond style, enabling consumers to escape from those three repetitive shapes. Things reach another level of innovativeness when you choose lab created cushion cut diamonds over the natural ones.


 Lab Grown Cushion Cut Diamond Bracelet

These are manufactured with rigorous quality control, minimal energy resources, and innovative technologies that ensure no impurity inclusion. So, if you feel excited about trying innovative products, it’s your sign to get lab grown cushion-cut diamonds.

Transparency and Certification

Lab grown cushion cut diamonds come with rigorous certification and have passed certain grading standards. Some renowned organizations, like the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), for these diamonds to ensure a smooth trading process with complete transparency. You can imagine the significance of this certification from the fact that it's proof of your diamond's origin and authenticity. So, having it is a surplus for sure, specifically if you plan on re-selling them sooner or later.


Cushion cut lab grown diamonds are considered a symbol of royalty. Aside from being trendy, these are also feminine, with brilliant faces and curved corners. So, whether you are searching for an accessory to compliment a soft look or a sophisticated one with a lot of sparkle, this diamond cut has got you covered!

Tip: Cushion cut diamonds also symbolize certain personality traits, like easy-going, fashionable, romantic, and nostalgic. So, if you have any of these traits, this vintage style is surely a hit for you!

How to Buy a Cushion-Cut Lab Grown Diamond?

By now, you must have planned to get a lab grown cushion diamond. But how you could buy one? What’s the procedure? Well, you will have to follow multiple steps. First, educate yourself about lab grown diamonds, developing an understanding of their grading standards and characteristics.

 Lab Grown Cushion Cut Diamond Ring


Once done, set budget bounds and figure out the specifications you are looking for in your diamonds. This includes everything, from the cut quality and clarity to the weight and color of the diamond. Follow up by comparing the best available options within your budget range. Read reviews from customers, compare grading certificates, and return policy.

Lastly, examine the brilliance and appearance of diamonds in person if you are purchasing from a shop. In the case of online purchases, thoroughly examine the high-quality images. You can ask sellers to share pictures from different angles and in different lightings to check for the 4Cs.

By following all these steps, you can confidently make an informed purchase decision about the cushion cut lab diamond.

Wrapping It Up!

Lab grown cushion cut diamonds are indeed a hit for anyone looking for something unique and elegant. Not only are these hybrid diamonds budget-friendly, but they also make ethical and sustainable choices with grading certifications ensuring their authenticity. In short, you won’t feel short of reasons when wondering if you should get lab created cushion cut diamonds or not. Hope you find this info worth reading, stay tuned for more informative guides. 

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