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Gemstone Type: Lab Sapphire

Color: Pink

Shape: Round

We are Lab Grown Sapphire Manufacturer, We can customized any sizes and shapes of  Lab Grown Sapphire. 

Contact our customer service to wholesale price.

Czochralski Method

Lab Grown Sapphire (By Czochralski Process); Most Recommended To Produce Top Quality

The right chemical ingredient selected is super heated above its degree of the melting point. This is done in a crucible surrounded by the electrical heating gadget. A minute piece of ruby crystalline solid is hooked to a metal rod. The craved crystal will slowly grow on this seed crystal. To enhance the process, the seed crystal is systematically lowered into the processing crucible till it’s completely immersed in the molten emulsion.

The seed crystal immersed, is uniformly rotated using the metallic rod to which it was attached. This is to regulate the contact temperatures making sure; they remain constant for the better quality. As the rod is continued to be rotated, the nutrient chemical material adheres itself to the seed crystal, crystallises, and pulls out of the molten solution raising the rod. The nutrient chemical is held within the solution to ensure it’s fully used. The cropping up tip is kept wholly in contact with the molten solution until all nutrient material is used up.

The cropping rate of the tip may be simultaneous to a level such that large crystals are pulled out from the mixture with diameter measurements surpassing two within 50 millimetres (mm). Crystal lengths may exceed 40 by one meter (mm). Standard rates, in this case, may be measured as 4 within a hundred millimetres per hour.

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GRC Certificate

Messi Jewelry accepts Make-to-order, We can customize any jewelry designs according to your requirements.

(1) Send us your design (picture, idea, or sample) with details, metal, stone, size, etc.


(2) 50% Deposit before CAD drawing making. CAD will be provided for confirmation and approval of production. Production can be completed within 15 business days upon receipt of confirmation, the finished jewelry will be shipped out within 2 days after the balance payment's made. The CAD drawing charge is $50 per piece if you don’t want to proceed with the jewelry making. (For high value stones, needs 100% deposit)


(3) HD photos and videos of the finished jewelry will be provided for final checking. The finished jewelry piece is considered to be the same as the CAD drawing and agreed by you upon receipt of your final confirmation and approval of shipment. 

Confidentiality Agreement

If you need to protect your brilliant idea, we can sign a confidentiality agreement for your custom jewelry

Free Laser Engraved Service (name / number / words)


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Send your inquiry

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