Pear lab diamonds are loved for their unique shape. Also known as teardrop shape, lab grown pear diamond are said to be the tears of cupid, the god of love. Featuring a brilliant 58-sided pattern, unique curves, and single points, the pear cut lab diamond is a hybrid of round and marquise styles. This elongated diamond shape often appears larger than its actual size. The pear cut blends the curved contours of the round cut with the pointed corners of the olive shape, resembling a crystal clear water drop. Pear cuts have the drama of a marquise with similar sparkle and brilliance to round cuts. Not only are they visually large, but they do have a top surface that is 8% larger than a round one. Teardrop shaped pear lab grown diamond create a shimmering, shimmering effect on the finger, pear shaped lab grown diamond ring appear slim and elegant on the finger, making them ideal for engagement rings for the modern, stylish woman. 

Here we will show you all types of pear shaped lab grown diamond, small carat diamonds, large carat diamonds, and all kinds of purity cuts are available. Here you are sure to find the right pear lab grown diamond for you, of course you can also contact us to find the right one for you, we are happy to serve you.


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