What is Lab Grown Emerald? Is Lab Grown Emerald Worth Buying?

Emerald is known as the king of emerald and is recognized as one of the five precious gemstones in the international jewelry industry. The cultivation of emerald in the laboratory is a replacement for natural emerald. Many people think that lab grown emerald is a fake gemstone for the first time, so let's popularize science the  lab grown emerald together!


Lab grown emerald is based on natural mineral components of emerald as raw materials, simulating natural environments in the laboratory, allowing emerald to recrystallize and generate, with the same composition and gem characteristics as natural emerald. Lab grown emerald to grow in modern laboratories is a product of technological development. It uses "thin slices of grandmother emerald" as the "seed By imitating the high-temperature and high-pressure environment formed by natural emerald, technicians can precipitate the dissolved chemical elements onto the seeds of emerald, ultimately leading to the birth of cultivated emerald. Unlike ordinary artificial gemstones and ordinary green imitations, they are already real gemstones. In the past two years, lab grown emerald has been increasingly recognized and compared with traditional natural gemstones. Lab grown emerald have better optical properties compared to natural emerald, appearing more glossy and bright, without problems such as natural gemstones being prone to fading and internal defects. As a substitute for natural emerald, lab grown emerald not only meets consumers' needs for color and hues, but also reduces costs, is environmentally friendly, and saves selection time. Especially for those who do not like to purchase precious gemstones as jewelry to wear or collect, lab grown emerald is undoubtedly the best choice.


To popularize the advantages of lab grown emerald for everyone:

High quality and affordable. Lab grown emerald have the same properties as natural emerald, but their prices differ by tens or hundreds of times compared to natural emerald! In order to enhance the sales appearance, most emerald in the current market are optimized, such as applying polymers (coloring) or soaking in oil. This optimization will not last long, and the defects of the gemstone itself will sooner or later become prominent. Lab grown emerald do not require special protection and will not undergo any changes in appearance! Is the value of lab grown emerald worth buying? It depends on your own wallet. If you your budget is enough. Of course, natural emerald is the first choice! If your budget is limited, you must have high-quality lab grown emerald! Because now high-quality lab grown emerald can achieve 1:1 high-quality natural emerald, or if you are a professional insider looking at them under a microscope, otherwise you really won't see that they are cultivated!


Lab grown emerald is not a "fake gem" or a "substitute" for gemstones, but a laboratory grown emerald with a structure consistent with natural emerald. Lab grown emerald and natural emerald have many similarities. First, they are identical in appearance, and natural emerald and lab grown emerald cannot be distinguished by naked eyes alone. In professional appraisal institutions, it is only with the help of professional instruments that they can be clearly distinguished from the growth patterns. Secondly, both have the same basic attributes. The price calculation mode of both is also the same, and their prices are determined based on carat size, gemstone color, gemstone cutting, gemstone clarity, and later processing. Colombia lab grown emerald, achieving the most authentic inclusions and natural colors, and is currently the closest variety to natural emerald.


Lab grown emerald have the same composition, physical and optical properties as natural emerald. In contrast, artificially lab grown emerald have better transparency and fewer cracks than natural emerald. Lab grown emerald has completely the same decorative characteristics as natural emerald in terms of brightness, luster, color, and flicker. It has many advantages such as high cost-effectiveness, no difference in visual experience with the naked eye, and the inlaid effect is also very beautiful, attracting more and more attention from customers of all ages! In terms of cost-effectiveness, lab grown emerald is a good choice. With the improvement of consumer awareness and the upgrading of consumption habits, the sales growth rate of emerging lab grown emerald in the global consumer market will be very fast.



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