What is a Moissanite diamond? How can I buy a Moissanite diamond?

The luster and color of diamonds are the most exciting, but many people believe that although diamonds are very beautiful, their price is also prohibitive. Therefore, there is a synthetic diamond called "moissanite", which not only has the same appearance as diamonds, but also has a price far lower than diamonds, which has prompted some customers to have a deeper preference for moissanite. Today, let's take a closer look at the moissanite.

The original moissanite diamond came from the vast stars. About 50000 years ago, it landed on the earth with meteorites. Until 1893, it was discovered in the crater by Nobel laureate Dr. Henry Mozambique and named as Mozambique. It was this discovery that made everyone focus on the moissanite stone. One hundred years later, the North Carolina Laboratory developed a large Mozambique stone for decoration with high technology for the first time. In June 1998, Charles Kova moissanite Diamond Company (C3) in the United States invested $45 million in the development of the perfect diamond substitute, moissanite Diamond, combining high-end technology and technology. Once this substitute was introduced, it became famous for its sparkling colors, causing countless international sensations and increasing demand. Initially, the moissanite diamond was a patented product of Charles Kova moissanite diamond (C3) in the United States. However, a few years ago, the patent had already expired. As a result, companies of all sizes around the world began to produce and sell moissanite diamonds, and the price of moissanite diamonds was significantly reduced.

Moissanite come from the laboratory, while diamonds come from nature. This difference also leads to a price difference between the two, but this difference does not necessarily affect their popularity in the minds of customers. The appearance of moissanite is very similar to diamonds, but they also have charming luster and shine. In addition, the price is more affordable, and many consumers also love moissanite.

The refractive index of the moissanite diamond is 2.56-2.69, with a dispersion of 0.104, a birefringence of 0.043, a hardness of 9.25, and a density of 3.22 grams per cubic centimeter. According to the authoritative organization of GIA, the moissanite diamond has the optical and physical properties of South African diamonds, and the fire color is more than 2.5 times that of South African diamonds. It is hailed as the world's brightest gemstone abroad. At first glance, there is almost no difference between diamonds and moissanite stones, even the instruments can not distinguish them, but a closer look will show that Mozambique's colorful firelight is stronger than diamonds.

Moissanite stone has a higher luster, fire color and brightness than diamonds, making it more suitable for jewelry and a good substitute for diamonds. The moissanite diamond has a good fire color and higher refractive index. Its refracted light emits a rainbow of dazzling light. Compared with the diamond, the fire color emitted by the optical instrument is 2.4 times higher than that of the moissanite stone. The fire color light emitted by it is more eye-catching.

Moreover, from the product classification information, it can be seen that the purchase conditions for moissanite diamonds, like diamonds, also comply with the 4C standard. Regarding weight: Due to different densities, the same weight of a moissanite diamond looks much larger than a diamond. Regarding cutting: Whether it's diamonds or moissanite, cutting is a highly overlooked but important standard for consumers. Good cutting can better reflect the shining fire color of the moissanite diamond. Regarding color: Although moissanite are artificially synthesized gemstones, it is still difficult to synthesize rare D-colored moissanite. When making a purchase, it is still important to choose colors in the D, E, and F levels as much as possible. Regarding cleanliness: Diamonds are natural products, and defects are inevitable. moissanite are artificially synthesized, but they cannot avoid defects in the process, whether it is surface defects or small impurities wrapped inside. The higher the quality of moissanite, the higher the price naturally.

How should I maintain the moissanite diamond after buying it back? Like other precious gemstone treatments, moissanite also require careful maintenance and care:

1. Moissanite is lipophilic. If it is contaminated with dirt, you can use a neutral and mild facial cleanser or fluoride free toothpaste, supplemented by a soft bristled toothbrush for cleaning.

2. If not worn daily, it should be picked up with a soft cloth and stored separately to avoid collisions;

3. When wearing it daily, it is also important to avoid strong collisions and contact with strong acidic and alkaline substances.

The livestream selling of jewelry has become more and more popular. Many people take advantage of the limitations of the video to sell D-color moissanite diamonds as diamonds to consumers. Therefore, it is necessary to fully understand the method of distinguishing Mozambique stones from diamonds before buying.

If observed solely with the naked eye, the difference between a moissanite diamond and a diamond is:

1.Prismatic ghosting visible at the crown (moissanite is a birefringent gem)

2.The dispersion value is stronger than that of diamonds, making their "fire color" more fragmented

3.The colors are more diverse, and there is a significant difference between the fire color and diamonds observed from the pavilion

4.The brightness is slightly lower than that of diamonds (observers need to have some experience)

5.Strong lumbar reflex

6.Sometimes parallel white thin line inclusions can be seen inside

7.Low likelihood of high color levels

This type of "naked eye drilling" carries risks, so it is recommended to directly seek reliable merchants or send them to professional testing departments for testing to avoid being deceived.

As the world's second hardest and most shining "gem", the cost-effectiveness of moissanite diamonds is simply super high. From an economic perspective, if you only like the brilliance and durability of diamonds, moissanite is actually a very suitable choice. After all, no one can resist the temptation of buying a completely explosive moissanite for one tenth of the price of a diamond!

Everyone needs to pay attention to choosing reliable jewelry brands when purchasing diamonds or gemstones. This can provide effective protection for the quality of gemstones or diamonds, and there are also many styles and choices available.

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